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Jade Pentagon Bangle


Image of Jade Pentagon Bangle

Jade tones blended together. This piece has been finished by hand and has a high shine.

The patterns created as the Resin fuses are unique to each piece. To see how this beautiful piece looks when worn and for ways to style it please feel free to start a conversation with us on Instagram or Facebook.

Our resin jewelry is handmade in Australia and inspired by nature. Each one is bespoke and individual to it's owner.

To find the correct Bangle size please visit our 'Fit / Terms and Conditions' section. It will give you a simple a guide to achieve the best fit for you.

If you'd like to try this piece in person, visit The Rose Street Artists' Market in Fitzroy, Melbourne. We are there every weekend from 11am - 5pm and look forward to helping you find your new one of a kind piece.